Behavioral Healthcare Corporation

BHC Team


Behavioral Healthcare Corporation has been around for a while!

We have been helping people restore their mental health since 2002.

Begun initially to provide mobile mental health services primarily for county-funded individuals, Behavioral Healthcare Corporation provided mobile clinical services that included psychiatric nursing, occupational therapy, psychotherapy and social rehabilitation. In 2007 we expanded our services to include a Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic. In 2016 our services include Mobile Psychiatric Nursing ServicesMobile Social Rehabilitation and outpatient psychotherapy (mobile and clinic).

Clinicians at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation use a team approach. This enables each of our clients to benefit from a treatment team of psychotherapy, psychiatry and nursing staff. All together our treatment teams represent over 670 years of clinical experience!

Guiding Principles

  • prompt, thorough, assessments using experience of our professional specialties
  • services for each client dependent on their needs
  • active participation with each client in exploring options
  • open communication and advocating building and strengthening support systems
  • recognition of client responsibility and respect of differences
  • self-determination and recognition of one’s own beliefs and values, using them as a framework for life
  • learning skills required to develop and maintain trusting relationships
  • encouraging a moral responsibility to make contributions to make our world better as a component of “mental health”
  • utilizing the treatment team in decision-making for program participants
  • providing supportive, educational and enriching work environment for our staff, believing that this will contribute to providing the best services to our clients

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