Our mission: Mental health for all we serve.

BHC Team

Our passion: Helping you achieve mental health.

The team at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation has been helping people restore their mental health for over a decade.

We are people – just like you – who have family and friends they love and who love them, jobs they go to every day, activities they participate in and responsibilities they fulfill.  People who know that life can be hard, and that we all experience loss, stress and sometimes feel overwhelmed.  People who sometimes struggle to resolve a conflict within themselves or with others.

At Behavioral Healthcare Corporation we work as a “multi-disciplinary team.” That means that you have the full benefit of our physician, nursing, psychotherapy and administrative team working with you to do our part and help you accomplish your mental health goals. Together that’s over 678 years of clinical experience! That’s one of the reasons we think we have some of the best nurses, psychotherapists and support staff around.

We invite you to look around our website, “meet” our team members and give us a call (717.399.8288) to see if talking with one of our therapists might help you get through a difficult challenge and return to a time when life just wasn’t so hard.

To get to know us better and how we can help you regain your mental health please click on the staff group for more information.

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