Behavioral Healthcare Corporation Mobile Psychiatric Nursing Service

Debbie Fleetman - RN, BSN

Director of Nursing & Occupational Therapy

Debbie grew up in Danville, PA, and has lived in Lancaster since 1971. She completed an RN at Lancaster General Hospital and a BSN from Immaculata University. Debbie joined BHC in 2015 after a work history that includes medical/surgical nursing at Lancaster Osteopathic Hospital (Heart of Lancaster) and St. Joseph Hospital (Lancaster Regional Medical Center). In addition to working in the inpatient behavioral health units at Lancaster General and St. Joseph Hospital (Lancaster Regional) and in day programming for Philhaven Hospital, Debbie set up Clozaril clinics for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. Working with clients in the community setting is one of Debbie’s passions. She finds it very satisfying to see education bloom within an individual to help them get back on track.

What might Debbie tell a friend who was thinking of seeking mental health services?

“Don’t put it off. Everyone can benefit in their life from professional counseling. Life can be difficult and sometimes it helps to have a safe place to regroup.”

Kim Holland

Kim Holland - RN, BS


Kim has lived in South Central PA all of her life, and in the Harrisburg area for the last 13 years. Kim earned a Bachelor of Science from Juniata College, and completed an Associate Degree and RN in Nursing at Harrisburg Area Community College. Her experience comes from medical / surgical units and inpatient mental health. She has been part of Behavioral Healthcare Corporation since 2006. Kim encourages her clients to be active because she understands the positive effect it has on overall health and well-being.

What would she tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

Philip Kreider- RN, BSN


Phil grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster, PA. He earned an RN/BSN at Eastern Mennonite University in VA. He worked as a nurse in Washington, DC, for five years before moving back to Lancaster. When he was in Washington he worked with the homeless population and for a year-and-a-half in pediatrics. Phil also worked for 10 years in the inpatient mental health field and for five years in mobile mental health. Phil joined Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in 2010. His particular area of expertise is advocating for the clients he works with.

What would he tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“Be open.”

Eunice Lapp-Hill - RN, BSN


Eunice grew up in Washington, DC, where she earned a BSN from the Catholic University of America. She spent 16 years working as a nurse in Tuscon, AZ, before coming to Lancaster several years ago. Eunice has worked in pediatric mental health, detox/rehab substance abuse, inpatient mental health and as an outpatient clinic nurse. She joined Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in 2008. Her areas of expertise include detox/rehab and supporting individuals with mental illness in the community.

What would Eunice tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“There are a multitude of insightful, compassionate, well-educated and experienced doctors, nurses and therapists who have received services and who are living a fulfilling life.”

Margaret Recine - RN


Margaret (“Maggie”) grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey and has lived in Lancaster for 25 years. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science/Nursing Education from Middlesex County College. Before joining BHC Maggie worked in inpatient mental health units (with adults and adolescents), home nursing service for physically disabled children and adults, and geriatric long-term care. She became part of the Behavioral Healthcare Corporation team in 2005. Maggie is passionate about working with and advocating for children and teens with learning difficulties, and young expectant mothers.

What would she tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“Seeking professional help can help keep you mentally healthy.”

Bonnie Stone - LPN


Bonnie Stone

Bonnie was born and raised in York County. She obtained her Practical Nursing Degree from York County School of Technology.  Before joining our team, Bonnie worked at Hoffman Homes for Youth in Gettysburg and the York County Prison with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bonnie is about to graduate from Penn State with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

After witnessing injustices against those with mental health issues, Bonnie became passionate about helping others. Just listening, offering advice, making them laugh or just sitting with them, will go a long way to be that helping force. She truly believes that there is much good in this world, and that we are all want the same things in life – to be loved, nurtured and accepted.

Her life experiences may have nudged her in the direction of nursing and mental health, but it was the dedication and drive of her Professors at Penn State, that helped foster her passion to help others even more.

Bonnie hopes to remain in this field, but perhaps closer to a beach.

One thing Bonnie might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

“You are not alone. Don’t be embarrassed or feel ashamed. It takes a very strong person to reach out for help.”

Joanne Eaby, Director of Mobile Social Rehabilitation Services

Joanne Eaby - RN, BSN

Nursing Consultant

Joanne has lived in Lancaster most of her life. She earned an RN from St. Joseph Hospital, and completed a BSN at Eastern Mennonite University. She worked as a fulltime nurse with BHC for 13 years before transitioning into a consultant role. Joanne’s experience includes inpatient mental health, home health, hospital-based medical/surgical nursing and mobile psychiatric nursing. She is most passionate about and has expertise in an individual’s physical health’s impact on mental health. Being part of a client’s recovery and having the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments is very satisfying to her.

What would Joanne tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“Everyone experiences struggles/challenges during their lifetime. The opportunity to receive support from a professional who can maintain objectivity can be invaluable.”