Mobile Social Rehab: It’s all about recovery

Mobile Social Rehabilitation at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation

What is Mobile Social Rehab?

Mobile Social Rehab (also Mobile Social Rehabilitation, or “MSR”) is an organized program that helps people who have a mental illness or emotional disturbance to be as independent as possible.

Mobile Social Rehab is founded on a “recovery model.” Just as individuals with physical illness are able to live full lives, with or without some support, individuals with mental illness can do the same. The recovery model focuses on the whole person, not just their illness, because there is more to the individual than their illness.

Our philosophy is that mental health requires an integration of socialization, leisure and recreational activities. The group setting helps members gain confidence, comfort and supports that they will take with them wherever they go. The program provides opportunities to get together with peers and develop social skills, vocational counseling, community education and awareness.

(That and it’s also a lot of fun!)

Mobile Social Rehab provides:

Activities, chosen by participants and facilitated by staff, designed to increase socialization, independence, quality of life and community resources. They may include (but not be limited to):

  1. excursions
  2. dining
  3. outdoor events
  4. craft, music or art projects

Who benefits from Mobile Social Rehab?

  1. individuals with a diagnosed mental health disorder whose doctors have determined that they are emotionally and medically stable to participate
  2. those who have problems interacting socially, or being in relationships
  3. individuals who often live in a group setting
  4. people who can set goals and develop skills to gain independence


If you, a loved one or someone you know could benefit from mobile social rehab please contact us at 717.399.8288 for more information.

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