Charlene Eshleman - CFO

Charlene Eshleman - RN, CS

Chief Financial Officer, Psychotherapist

Charlene grew up in the Hershey/Palmyra area in Pennsylvania. She earned a Master of Science in Nursing. In her 33 year career Charlene’s work has included St. Joseph Hospital, an instructor at the St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing, outpatient behavioral health and private practice. As a home health nurse Charlene also developed and implemented an in-home psychiatric program. Her areas of expertise include geriatrics and grief therapy. She is passionate about learning how the body and mind interface. Charlene identified David Nutter, MD, and patient teachers who encouraged insightful processes as making significant contributions to her career.

What would Charlene tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“A therapeutic connection can make all the difference in the world.”

Eric Eshleman - CEO

Eric Eshleman - MEd

Chief Executive Officer, Psychotherapist

Eric is originally from, and grew up in, Lancaster County. He grew up in a family that emphasized the importance of making a contribution to others and the community. Eric earned an AA in Business from Franklin & Marshall College before going on to earn a BA in Clinical Psychology and an MEd in Counseling Psychology and Education, both from Millersville University. In a career that spans 36 years, Eric has worked in inpatient mental health, acute mental health partial, intensive outpatient, outpatient, behavioral medicine and hospital-based emergency room evaluation services. He is passionate about psycho-education as one of the best interventions. Eric understands that an individual’s problems might be a symptom of a larger system issue. His areas of expertise include thought, mood and personality disorders. He credits his parents for instilling his beliefs and values; clinical mentors David Nutter, MD; Anthony Russo, MD; and Donald F. Hutchings, PhD; and administrative mentor William Bender, LCSW.

What would Eric tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“Psychotherapy is one of the very few opportunities to have a relationship that is entirely about you, a chance to learn about yourself in ways that may otherwise not be possible.”

Debra Hewes, LCSW


Debra Hewes, LCSW

Debra grew up in Lancaster County. After a short time away, she moved back to Lancaster County. She obtained an AAS at Reading Area Community College (Gerontological Social Work), an BS in Sports Management and Leisure from Temple University and her MSW from Millersville University.

Before re-joining our team in 2022, Debra been involved with many great local agencies. Some include as a Counselor Coordinator with Domestic Violence Services, a Drug & Alcohol Counselor with TW Ponessa, Recreation Therapist with Masonic Village, and of course, a Psychotherapist with Behavioral Healthcare Corporation.

Debra has experience with individuals working through trauma and specializes in PTSD, Abuse, Trauma, and Interpersonal Violence. She has “…a passion for survivors or intimate partner violence and walking beside them as they heal.”

“Being with survivors as they put their lives back together,” and “watching individuals transform from being victims to becoming survivors,” is what drives her and has been her most significant professional development.

One thing Debra might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

Do it! And if the first therapist isn’t a fit for you let them know – then seek someone who is a better fit.”

Marie King-Linares, MCAT, LPC, BC-DMT


Mary “Marie” King-Linares, MCAT, LPC, BC-DMT

Marie grew up in the southern United States and has been in Lancaster since 1990.

She earned her BA in Psychology from Xavier University of New Orleans and her Master’s of Creative Arts in Therapy with Specialization in Dance & Movement Therapy from then Hahnemann Medical University. Marie re-joined the BHC team just in April 2021. She is a licensed Professional Counselor.

Marie enjoys dance and her beliefs in the healthy aspects of dance led her to wanting to learn more about how to apply those aspects in the mental health field. She worked at the Bronx Psychiatric Center where leaders in Dance Movement Therapy were working and doing research was stimulating for a beginning clinician. She was able to experience, first hand, the impact of cultural diversity in transition from NYC to Lancaster PA and also with her work within the Latino community.

Additional work experience includes Brethren Village and the YMCA where she takes her love of movement to the water.

She has worked with inpatient care at Central LA State Hospital, Bronx Psychiatric Hospital and Community Hospital of Lancaster. Marie’s outpatient experience is with Nuestra Clinica, Youth At Promise, Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Inpatient and Outpatient.

Marie hopes to continue to grow in her ability to utilize creative arts in helping people become the best version of themselves.

One thing Marie might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

Just do it!”

Jessica Kratz, MS


Jessica has been in the Lancaster area for the past 3 years, hailing from Montgomery County, Maryland originally. Her undergraduate education was completed at Messiah College in 2018 and she graduated in 2021 from Millersville University with her Master’s in Clinical Psychology and internship here at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation.

Jessica is passionate about working with those who suffer from trauma and advocating for access to therapy. She grew up wanting a career in which she could offer a safe space to people in their most vulnerable state, and to those going through difficult times. Her time with Wellspan Philhaven in the inpatient child/adolescent unit opened her eyes to the severe trauma and difficulties so many people are dealing with.

One thing Jessica might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

You are worth putting the effort into your mental health.”

Dr. Kimberly Lovelock, PsyD

Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic Director

Dr. Lovelock was raised in Germany for a time and then in Central Florida, where she completed her early education through undergraduate degree. In 2001, Dr. Lovelock moved from Orlando, FL to Philadelphia PA, just days after the 9/11 tragedies. Her eyes were opened to the realities of what a diagnosis of chronic and persistent/serious mental illness entails for most individuals living with it every day and decided to pursue graduate school to increase her skill and ability to effectively provide treatment for individuals with these diagnoses.

While still in FL, she earned a BA in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. She then entered the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) completing her pre-doctoral internship at Friends Hospital. During this experience, she provided individual and group therapies and performed psychological assessments. Dr. Lovelock received her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from PCOM in 2013 and along the way obtaining an MS. in Clinical Psychology and an MS in Clinical Health Psychology and Counseling. She completed her post-doctoral residency at Philhaven Hospital, where she served as the Team Leader for an ACT Team, and then as the Senior Clinical Director for a busy Outpatient Clinic.

Before joining our team in 2022, Dr. Lovelock intentionally sought out opportunities to both train and work in a variety of settings and roles to better equip herself to work with individuals diagnosed with chronic and persistent mental illness. She has worked in residential, community mental health, behavioral health insurance (as a clinical care manager), behavioral health inpatient and outpatient care, research, and private practice.

Areas of treatment specialty include work with adults to treat anxiety disorders, mood disorders, cultural diversity issues, personality disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and the psychological sequelae that develop as a result of comorbid medical issues or complications. Dr. Lovelock also treats issues related to disordered eating, family difficulties, parenting challenges, life transitions, personal growth, Women’s issues, and spiritual issues that can develop.

One thing Dr. Lovelock might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

“You are allowed to understand yourself, the reasons for your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and to have them validated. You are also allowed to free yourself from the patterns that are keeping you stuck. The work that you do with the right therapist can help you to gain new understanding about how to heal and could change your life in ways you might not be able to see in the moment, but they will reveal themselves as you walk, step by step.”

Darryl Lucas - LPC, NCC

Darryl Lucas - MEd, LPC, NCC


Darryl grew up on a farm in northern Chester County near Pottstown, PA. He has lived in the Lancaster area for 35 years. Darryl earned a BA in Psychology and Human Relations from Mansfield University, and a Masters of Education in Counseling from Millersville University. He is Board Certified with the National Board of Certified Counselors and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Darryl also holds membership in the American Counseling Association and Mental Health America of Lancaster County. Prior to joining Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in 2007, Darryl worked in the St. Joseph Hospital mental health unit, Lancaster Guidance Center and Community Services Group. Darryl specializes in working with adults with minor adjustment disorders to those with more serious issues like depression, grief, and personality disorders.

What would Darryl tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“It’s all about the therapeutic relationship you can develop with the therapist you choose.”

Silvia McGinley

Silvia McGlinchey - MS


Silvia was born in Guatemala City and has lived in Lancaster for since 2007.  She has a Master of Science in Counseling and has worked in the mental health field since 2000, including working with Pennsylvania Counseling, SACA (Spanish American Civic Association), Team Care Behavioral Services and Pressley Ridge. She joined Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in 2015. Bilingual, Silvia specializes in helping clients improve their lives by listening with care and understanding.

What would Silvia tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services?

“Be confident in the healing power of talking and sharing difficult emotions.”

Suzanne Pezzulo - MA, LCADC


Suzanne grew up in Piscataway, New Jersey and obtained her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Kean University. She spent 14 years with the New Jersey State EAP (Employee Assistance Program), where she worked with Dr. Joan York. A realist with empathy and compassion, Dr. York mentored Suzanne’s development and enthusiasm in addictions and mental health.
Suzanne worked for 11 years with the Gaudenzia Coastville Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program as a Counselor/Assessor.
Suzanne has followed her heart when it comes to career choices. She believes giving another human being hope for a better life is a calling.
She hopes to continue to do the work that brings her fulfillment and the opportunity to make a difference in some small way in the lives of others.

One thing Suzanne might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

“It is worth the investment of time and exploration of yourself, because you are worth it.”

Dr. Yury Yaroslavsky, MD


Dr. Yaroslavsky grew up in Ukraine or what was then known as part of the Soviet Union. He has been residing for over 17 years in the Hershey area.

He graduated with his MD from Vinnitsa Medical University, Ukraine. His teachers and older colleagues were his inspiration and by the end of medical school he knew that he wanted to be a psychiatrist. He never considered any alternative to it and is fascinated by its unique interplay of biology, psychology, philosophy and culture. He specializes in mood disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia/ psychosis, sleep disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Dr. Yaroslavsky has practiced psychiatry in Ukraine, Israel and the United States of America. Clinic experiences have included inpatient, outpatient, community based, residential, and academic research settings. He believes the field of psychiatry is rapidly evolving and that continuous self-education is crucial in order to provide up-to-date evidence-based care to clients.

One thing Dr. Yaroslavsky might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services:

Both psychotherapy and psychopharmacology are very powerful therapeutic tools. Moreover, when used in combination, they often complement and enhance effects of each other.”