Tim Bushong


Tim grew up in Lancaster, but traveled around and lived in a number of places including California, Germany and Northern Ireland for a number of years before returning to Lancaster. Tim has a Master of Arts degree. When he was in graduate school Tim worked in a couple of factories and also worked as a handyman. Prior to joining Behavioral Healthcare Corporation 13 years ago he worked in  the inpatient psychiatric unit at Community Hospital in Lancaster. He also worked with the Acute Partial Mental Health Unit at St. Joseph Hospital and Lancaster Regional Medical Center. Tim stumbled into the mental health field working as a psych tech and discovered he loved it. At this point in his career he especially enjoys the variety. He is more passionate about the well-being of the people he works with than about any particular diagnosis or malady.

Working in the Acute Partial Mental Health Unit at St. Joseph Hospital really helped him to develop some therapeutic skills. David Nutter, MD, Eric Eshleman, MEd, and Diane Welsh, MA, LPC were wonderful mentors.

One thing he might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services?

“It’s probably not as bad as it sounds!”

Pamela Burkholder

Pam was born and raised in Lancaster County and graduated from J.P. McCaskey High School. She joined the team at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation one year ago, bringing her passion for exceptional customer service and care with her. Before joining BHC Pam worked in behavioral health at St. Joseph Hospital (partial, inpatient and outpatient services) and Lancaster Regional Medical Center (inpatient). Pam is also passionate about her family, two cats (Ozzy and Gabby) and advocating for educating the public on mental illness. She participates in a walk every year for “DES [Detect Early Signs] Suicide Prevention.”

Sixteen years ago Eric Eshleman (President of Behavioral Healthcare Corporation) hired Pam as a secretary in St. Joseph Hospital Behavioral Health.  Recognizing that mental illness has a stigma and having a passion to educate the public on mental illness led Pam to be an advocate.  Pam believes she has come “full circle” doing what she loves and working at BHC.

She credits a tough clerical office lab teacher at McCaskey who pushed her to be the best that she can be as having a significant impact in her professional development.

What would she tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services?

“Mental health is an essential key to overall health.  If your mental health is not all it can be, you can harm yourself and those you love both emotionally and physically.  Therapy can give you the tools to keep mentally healthy, just as a physician gives you the tools to keep physically healthy.”


Marie King-Linares


Marie grew up in the south and has been in Lancaster for 22 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Xavier University of New Orleans, and a Master’s of Creative Arts Therapy with a specialization in dance and movement therapy from Hannemann University.

Before joining Behavioral Healthcare Corporation Marie worked in the inpatient mental health unit at Central Louisiana State Hospital, Bronx Psychiatric Hospital and Community Hospital of Lancaster. She was also on the outpatient staff at Nuestra Clinica, Youth at Promise and Brethren Village YMCA. She worked in both inpatient and outpatient dual diagnosis programs with people who have mental health and substance abuse problems.

Marie’s expertise is in working with families. Her passions are dance therapy, the use of water exercise and wellness. Her enjoyment in dance and her beliefs in the healthy aspects of dance led to her interest in learning more about how to apply those aspects in the mental health field. Working in the creative therapy department of the Bronx Pediatric Center where leaders in Dance Movement therapy were working and doing research was stimulating for Marie as a beginning clinician.  Experiencing the impact of cultural diversity in transitioning from New York City to Lancaster, PA and working in the Latino community have impacted her professional development.

What would she tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services?

“Just do it!”

Marge Moriarty


Marge grew up in Lebanon, PA but has lived in Lancaster since 1980. She earned a BA in Social Work and an MS in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University. Before joining Behavioral Healthcare Corporation in 2009, she worked at Lancaster Regional Medical Center in the inpatient mental health unit for five years. Marge also gained early experience working in the Substance Use field as well as geriatrics.  Marge’s area of expertise includes working with victims of trauma using an evidenced based approach that focuses on the mind/body connection and the neuroplasticity of the brain.  It is always exciting to see how empowered clients feel when they realize they have, within themselves, the capacity to heal.  Marge enjoys helping her clients create balance in their lives through exploring internal patterns that are creating obstacles to a more fulfilling life experience.  She utilizes a combination of approaches that are also effective in working with mood disorders and other forms of mental illness.  Her desire is to meet each client where they are.

What would Marge tell a friend who was considering seeking mental health services? 

A therapist can be someone who partners with you in your journey to wellness and healing.  It could be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself. 

Erma Weaver


Erma was born and raised in Lancaster County, and lived in Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Botswana, Africa, before settling in Lancaster, where she has been ever since. Erma earned a Master of Social Work from Temple University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She joined Behavioral Healthcare Corporation two years ago after working in a family-based mental health program and as an outpatient psychotherapist. She also worked as a social worker with Hospice doing bereavement counseling. Erma is passionate about grief and loss issues, family therapy and women’s issues. She described herself as a “people person.” She likes how varied people are and yet how much they are the same. She enjoys helping people do their best in life to turn problems into opportunities and cope with whatever comes. Erma said her training and practicum experiences at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic was extremely helpful in developing her skills as a mental health professional.

What is one thing she might tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services?

“Do you seek the services of a doctor when you are sick?  Many problems with health – physical or mental would eventually resolve on their own, but why take chances?  Why not consult a professional to expedite healing and change can be changed so the problem doesn’t need to get worse before you feel better?”

Douglas Ockrymiek


Dr. Ockrymiek (known within the practice as “Dr. O”)grew up in Northern New Jersey and has spent the last 30 years in the Lancaster/Lititz area.

He earned his Doctor of Osteopathy from Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia. Dr. Ockrymiek is a residency-trained family physician and an adult an geriatric psychiatrist. He was a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and retired as Medical Director of Behavioral Health Services at Ephrata hospital in 2005. He has been at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation for two years.

Dr. Ockrymiek specializes in psychopharmacology, psychodynamic psychotherapy and the role of spirituality in therapy and mental health issues. He enjoys working with medically ill individuals who also have mental health issues.

Some of the experiences that have been most significant in his professional development are his 10 years experience as a family physician, teaching residents and being the Director of the Department of Psychiatry for 18 years.

What would Dr. Okrymiek tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services? 

“We can all benefit from psychotherapy.”

Darryl Lucas


Darryl grew up on a farm in the Pottstown/northern Chester County area.  He has lived in the Lancaster area for the past 35 years. Darryl earned a BA in Psychology and Human Relations from Mansfield University followed by a Masters of Education in Counseling from Millersville University. He is Board Certified with the National Board of Certified Counselors and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Darryl also holds membership in the American Counseling Association and Mental Health America of Lancaster County.

Before  joining the team at Behavioral Healthcare Corporation eight years ago Darryl worked in the St. Joseph Hospital mental health unit and partial hospital program, the Lancaster Guidance Center and Community Services Group. He was drawn to a helping profession because his family valued service to others. Darryl credits his early training at St. Joseph Hospital and the excellent dedicated staff there as being most significant in his professional development. He is also inspired by constant reminders in his daily work with people when he sees the courage his clients display facing issues in their lives.

His areas of expertise and passion include working with adults with minor adjustment disorders to those with more serious mental health issues such as depression, grief and personality disorders.

What would he tell a friend who was considering seeing a therapist or seeking other mental health services?

“It’s all about the therapeutic relationship you can develop with the therapist you choose.”